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I can make bespoke pieces either customised from an existing design or something completely new that we can design together. Jewellery can be made from recycled silver or gold depending on the design. I work closely with a selection of gemstone suppliers whose stones are fully traceable and can be hand cut to specification. For more information on responsible sourcing and why it is important to Husk Jewellery visit my Green Mission page. 


If you are interested in placing a commission please email me via charotte@huskjewellery.com. I would love to get chatting and if it seems we aren't the right fit this time round I would happily forward you onto a jeweller more suited to the style or technique you are after. Let me know if you have a budget in mind and once I have a better idea of what you would like I can work out a quote for you. In the mean time feel free to browse the bespoke jewellery images below for inspiration.