How do I know my ring size?

I work with UK ring sizes, which range from A – Z.  If you know your ring size please let me know if it is UK or otherwise. If you don’t know your size I recommend you use a ring sizer, which you can request for free via email. Keep in mind that ring sizes can change if your weight fluctuates so please make sure the size you are providing is accurate.  Some of my designs can not be re-sized afterwards so if in doubt do not hesitate to get in touch. 

I am buying a ring for a gift, how do I know their size?

Accurate ring sizes are also required if you are buying a ring as a gift. If you do not have this and would like the ring to be a surprise please reach out as there are often sneaky ways we can figure it out. If you are flexible on the gift you may want to consider a gift card or another piece of jewellery such as earrings or a pendent. 

How do I care for my Husk Jewellery?

Sterling silver may tarnish over time due to oxidisation. To slow down this process store your jewellery in a warm, dry place, and take off when swimming or in the shower. Use silver polish and a clean cotton cloth to remove any stubborn tarnish. A box is provided with all jewellery to keep it safe. Gold plating on jewellery will fade over time.  You can prevent this by taking jewellery off when washing and doing strenuous activities. Get in touch if you would like your piece re-plated, however there will be a charge for this service.

How do I commission a bespoke piece?

I can create bespoke pieces or modify an existing Husk design on request. Just get in touch via charlotte@huskjewellery.com to discuss your idea and we'll take it from there. Please be aware that you may be added to a waiting list during busy periods and a 50% deposit is required before work is begun. In the meantime, feel free to browse my Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration.


How long will it take to receive my jewellery?

The 'Diffusion Lines' will take up to 2 week before shipping. The 'Collections' could take up to 4 weeks before shipping. Some items may already be in stock so can be delivered quickly but please message if you are concerned about lead times and need an accurate estimate. Have a look at the policies page for information on payments and shipping. Everything is made from scratch with love so it is worth the wait. Husk Jewellery is a one man band so your patience is appreciated.

How is Husk Jewellery sustainable?

Husk Jewellery is designed to be timeless and made to be durable, so it can be treasured for life and if not the precious stones and metals can always be recycled and repurposed. To be completely transparent these precious materials are a finite resource that require mining which inevitably impacts the environment. Packaging, studio practices and shipping all leave a carbon footprint however I adopt greener studio practices to reduce my carbon footprint. I also donate to charity Tree Sisters and volunteer at The Wildlife Trust to offset my carbon footprint. I carefully select suppliers and am proud to say all my jewellery is made from majority or 100% recycled silver and my packaging made from recycled paper. With a deep love of nature and respect of where my materials come from, being sustainable is high on my agenda. I have therefore created a new Green Mission page to outline all the steps I am taking with a list of all my suppliers.

How is Husk Jewellery ethical?

All jewellery is handmade by me Charlotte Robinson in my London studio from design to realisation. I can assure you that I look after myself and take Health and Safety very seriously. I carefully select my suppliers for their transparency and high ethical standards however I am aware there may be gaps in the supply chain that are unaccounted for. I am very excited to have begun sourcing stones from Gemstones Brazil who are listed on the ethical making resource website for the Incorporation of Goldsmiths. My research and hunt for more transparency and traceability in ongoing and if you would like to find out more about my suppliers then please visit my newly dedicated Green Mission page.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. The 'Diffusion Linesare available for wholesale. Please get in touch via charlotte@huskjewellery.com if you are interested in becoming a stockist and I will send over a line sheet.