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Husks hold the seeds of creation and potential new life. Our bodies also hold this potential and just like husks are eventually discarded. What we create is what remains and what remains is how we transcend.

Husk Jewellery is designed and crafted me, Charlotte Robinson. From my London-based studio, I create bespoke, made to order pieces, as well as unique concept collections that explore spiritual ideas. Each piece is a personal journey of curiosity and form of alchemy. Captivated by the mystery of creation, both natural and hand-formed, I draw inspiration from nature's raw beauty, ancient cultures and space age design. The aim to evoke a deeper sense of connection the cosmos and our place within it. 

Husks are a protective outer shell and like jewellery act as armour. Husk Jewellery seeks to empower and inspire the wearer with a focus on bold gender neutral designs.

I have a deep connection to nature and respect for the materials I have the honour of working with. It is for this reason I practice responsible sourcing and making practices whenever possible. The majority of my pieces are made from recycled silver and traceable, directly traded gemstones. To offset my carbon footprint 5% of sales are donated to TreeSisters who fund tropical reforestation. With the growing demand for conscious jewellery the industry is beginning to meet that demand and I continue to educate myself on new opportunities to do better.  To find out more I urge you to read my Green Mission statement to keep this conversation going. We are all part of the change.

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