Husk Jewellery is designed and crafted by Charlotte Robinson. From her London-based studio, she creates bespoke, made to order pieces, as well as unique concept collections that explore spiritual ideas and personal journeys of curiosity. Captivated by the mystery of creation, both natural and hand-formed, Charlotte draws inspiration from nature, ancient cultures, art history, space and science fiction. The aim to evoke a deeper sense of connection to our world and our place within it.

Gemstones are featured in the collections for their healing qualities as well as their raw natural beauty. Husks are a protective outer shells and like jewellery act as armour. Husk Jewellery seeks to empower and inspire the wearer with a focus on bold gender neutral designs. Charlotte sources recycled silver and traceable semi-precious gemstones which are hand cut to specification, making each collection unique. With a deep love of nature and respect for where the materials come Husk Jewellery aims to be eco-conscious. The main goal is to be transparent with customers so you are urged to read through the Green Mission statement and feedback with any ideas or insights. To offset a carbon footprint 5% of sales are donated to TreeSisters who fund tropical reforestation.