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If you are looking for an alternative engagement or wedding ring made from responsibly sourced materials I am here to help. It could be as simple as referencing a memory, a mood or a painting, I will happily explore these ideas with you. Even if you have no idea where to start I can guide you through different design options to co-create rings that will be as unique as you both.


The unbroken ring, a symbol of everlasting love is one of the most ancient jewellery traditions we have. As an object so charged with intention surely we can super-charge it by spreading love back to the artisans, miners and planet that brought it into being. Starting with the artisans, it is not just the jeweller to consider but the gemstone cutters who should be paid a fair wage for their skill. Many gemstone mining communities are looking for an autonomous route out of poverty. By paying a fair wage we can protect the safety of miners as well as the environment, creating a sustainable source of  income.


I work with a number of gemstone suppliers who know exactly where each stone was mined and cut and only source from those with ethical practices. This also removes the middle man and directs profit back to those who need it. Not only are traceable gemstones more responsible to people and the planet but it gives your ring a unique story and heritage. Recycled silver and gold as well as fair-trade gold are becoming more readily available. We can even look at the option of using re-claimed diamonds. The possibilities are endless and I would love to begin a conversation with you.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in placing a commission via